20th Reunion Pics

Ann Lisowski and her significant other Scott


Dawn Spalding (Mueller), Cindy Huber (Hovland) and Amy Oldroyd (Nelson)

Jennifer Peterson (Herold) and Ed Mlagan


Jim Huber and Mike Stiehl

Kevin Papenfus and Scott Herold

Kristi Kuhn (Passow) and Jennifer Peterson (Herold)

Sandy Lund (Dienger) and husband Alan

Sonja Sandquist (Parks) and Sadie Kaiser (Jacobson)

Wendy Olson (Wick) and Kristi Kuhn (Passow)

Bonnie and Scott Herold

Kristi & Jeff Kuhn, Scott & Bonnie Herold & Alan Lund

Wendy Olson, Marvin Rieck, and Pete Brommer

Jenny & Rick Peterson, Mike Stiehl & Tim Iberg

Kelly Baker and Pete Brommer

Sonja Sandquist and Amy & Rich Oldroyd

Wendy Olson, cindy Huber, Marvin Rieck and Pete Brommer