More Reunion Pics

Sonja Sandquist, Amy Oldroyd, Sadie Kaiser and Dana Dindorff

Mike Stiehl and Dana

Sonja, Mike, Dana and Amy

Sandy, Mike, Amy, Sonja, Cindy, Wendy, & Sadie

Mike and Wendy

Cindy Huber, Kristi Kuhn & Lisa Iberg

Jim Huber, Tim Iberg & Dave Olson

Cindy Huber, Dawn Spalding & Wendy Olson

Did everyone get their lunchbox?

Wine O's

Pete Brommer

More lunchboxes!

Ain't I sexy!

Bartender of the year - John Ebert


Sonja & Ed

Wendy, Ed & Sonja

Let's Dance!

Are you really gonna drink that?

Mike's dancing?

Lisa, Sadie & Amy

Sadie & Amy